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We order via farmhopping every week and we get our order from betahaus, which is the nearest food group to our home.

— Nikolovi, Sofia

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As the first co-working space in Bulgaria we are glad that we are the first location for group orders from farmhopping, project with potential to change globally an entire industry.

— Alexander Mihaylov CEO & Co-founder of betahaus

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They have already created their good food communities:

The Good Food Battle

We guess you have already heard about the widely discussed battle between the cook of cooks Jamie Oliver and the king of fast food chains McDonald’s. For those who need a reminder: Jamie has been out to get all those standing in the way of a healthy food movement, and it comes as no surprise that the…

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Share the Story of Your Bag

       We don’t know whether you remember, but last week we talked about shared economy. We planned the topic to be a continuous part of our discussion with you, and this week, we are way more concrete and practical in our advice. We want to give you an example of an actual way in…

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Farmhopping in good company with Airbnb, Snapgoods and Side Car

              We’re going to speak about shared economy. What else could an economy be if not shared? Well, that’s a good question! The idea behind the term is that property is an outdated concept, and it isn’t that cool anymore to have all that many…

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Meals on Wheels - Our Goodies on the Move

                  When summer comes, the right spot for your lovely dinner counts, sometimes even more than the dinner itself. However amazingly tasty the meal, it could only get better with the refreshing breeze after a hot day under the sun (better yet by the…

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